Best Price Cleaners is the concept that was introduced in 2004. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. This was the time that people were tired of paying high prices for dry cleaning and laundry or if they would go to any discount cleaner they would get the worst quality because of cheaper price and of course good service never existed in that concept; so people had no choice, either pay high price which was next to impossible in this economy or pay less but never satisfied with what you get.

About Us

The founder of Best Price Cleaners, Tahir Kakar, was able to put some ideas together where it was made possible to offer not only the lowest prices but the best quality and best services including offering same day service even on Saturday which was the biggest concern of customers. People had to sacrifice one way or another to save money, but now customers don’t have to sacrifice anything with Best Price Cleaners
Each store is fully equipped with latest top of the line equipment and uses the best, safest and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, ready to serve you with professional service that our customer deserve.

We have been asked this question every day. Our answer to our customers is we are charging regular while other cleaners are charging too much. We have developed a system to efficiently handle your garment without sacrificing the quality that you expect. In fact, our stores are set up with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, we use only the best solvents and cleaning supplies available and our professional staff is well trained. We simply avoid the unnecessary expenses. For example, some dry cleaners advertise their business on plastic bag covers or put their name on custom made hangers. We all know that hangers and plastic bags all go to the garbage, while the most important thing is the cleaned clothes. The customers are stuck paying for the fancy advertising.

At Best Price Cleaners, we avoid those expenses and put it back in customers’ pockets. You may visit other establishments that advertise a low price only to find out when you pick up your order there are added “extra” charges. You may also discover that the low price is only good on Wednesday mornings when it’s raining, or for blue shirts that don’t require cuff-links, or if it’s your birthday, or if the Cubs win the pennant.
We offer one great low price. There is no fine print. There is nothing special required by you to get the everyday low price we offer. We will clean any garment, any business day regardless of the weather or whose birthday it is, and we’ll do it for ONE GREAT LOW PRICE!

All successful enterprises share one basic concept: A commitment to excellence in service and quality. Nowhere is this truer than in our everyday operation. Attention to these two areas at our great low price is what sets Best Price Cleaners apart from the rest. Obviously, affordable dry cleaning is an important feature of our business, but our goal is to provide you with courteous, efficient, service and quality to go along with our great low price. When you drop off a garment, our entire staff is dedicated to ensuring your confidence in our process. Each location is designed in an open, attractive manner that allows the customer to see the entire plant and how it operates. open layouts provide a clear contrast to our competition.

We also know your time is valuable. Our professional staff can have your order ready the same day, if you drop it off in the morning, before 9:00 am. It will be ready the same day after 5:00 pm. Any garment dropped off after 9:00 am will ready the next day after 5:00 pm. We truly are committed to providing the best quality and service possible at any price. If we ever do anything that doesn’t meet your satisfaction, we want to know know, and we’ll clean it again for FREE.
From a warm greeting and a simple smile to a complete explanation of our operation, we are determined to ensure your satisfaction.

Best Price Cleaners has always made environmental safety a top priority. Though never proven to be a health hazard, we are aware of the concerns people have about the dry cleaning industry, and have been successful at operating stores that pose no threat to property, our employees, or our customers.

We set up our stores with only the safest dry cleaning equipment available. We use the latest, state-of-the-art machines manufactured by Union, the industry leader. Their advanced computerized technology eliminates virtually all emissions to the atmosphere. The Union machines boast a “closed” system in which all vapors and liquids are kept within the machine and recycled.

Safety Standards
We take environmental concerns very seriously. Our equipment, systems, and procedures surpass all existing and foreseeable regulations and can be modified should industry environmental safety standards change.

All this adds up to what we in the biz call "The Real Deal."